Friday, June 16, 2017

90's Flashback


The 1990’s are back this Summer in the form of Zima. This July, MillerCoors will be releasing- for a limited time- their popular 90’s clear-malt beverage, Zima.

A new concept in the 90’s, MillerCoors was on the front lines of the “clear” alcohol beverage movement with the release of Zima in 1993. This completely clear malt beverage changed the look of beer and helped launch a new age in the beverage industry.

Many companies during that decade tried their hand at a clear drink concept. Beverages such as Crystal Pepsi, Tab Clear, Clearly Canadian, Orbit and many more were among the familiar to gain in popularity. However, none of them became the “Michael Jordan” of clear beverages like Zima did. With a huge marketing campaign based in humor and the emerging alternative 90’s scene, Zima (the Russian word for Winter) released itself at the right moment to win the hearts of college students and young professionals eager for Zomething Different.

If I recall my first time drinking Zima, it was at a college party around 1994. Newly legal, I wasn’t a fully formed beer drinker yet. I needed a drink with fruit flavors and lightness to allow me to enjoy the experience. Zima had that great balance of refreshing drinkability for a malt beer that no other company had figured out yet. That drinkability mixed with its youthful marketing campaign made it the choice for many people to enjoy the taste of alcohol and enjoy the social activity of drinking. Zima tapped into a culture of drinkers who did not fit the standard mold.

Will the limited release of Zima this Summer once again tap into a counter culture eager for a clear-malt? These days we have many brands that run with the torch that Zima passed in 2008 when it ended its North American distribution.

 "Fun Fact! Zima has always had a loyal brand following in Japan."

Mike’s Hard Lemonade and Smirnoff Ice are a few of the top trending brands right now that keep with this clear-malt tradition. If the nostalgia of the 90’s are indeed powerful enough to kick-start this brand again, I believe Zima could find itself back in the hearts of us 40-somethings.

This Summer you can relive your youth- even for a moment- by grabbing a 6 pack of Zima, calling your friends you haven’t seen since college and binge watching the Fresh Prince of Belair.

We at GAP Promo highly recommend you “Try Zomething Different” again.

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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

New Leadership Announcement

GAP Promo Press Release
By Gayle Piraino, Founder and President

GAP Promo is growing and I am honored to share the creation of new Leadership positions that will further develop and strengthen our already successful sales and marketing organization. We have created two new roles: Director of Sales|Director of Operations.
Effective immediately, I am delighted to announce that Justin Burkinshaw, Senior Sales Manager has been promoted to Director of Sales and Kim Olson, Senior Project Manager has been promoted to Director of Operations.
Justin joined GAP in July, 2014 as a Sales Account Manager in charge of two important Beer Accounts where he quickly developed and fostered strong client relationships. In 2016, Justin assumed and brought in additional key accounts that included key Beer and Spirits Brands. At this time he was also promoted to Senior Sales Account Manager. Justin is a graduate of Bryant University in Rhode Island. His background included both sales and management.
Kim joined GAP in April 2015 in a newly created position of Project Manager. Kim embraced this new role and immediately developed internal processes that helped implement positive change throughout GAP Promo which ultimately benefitted our clients, vendors and the GAP Team. In 2016, Kim helped identify and lead the way of a GAP Promo investment where we joined a buying group that has provided us many benefits including new and improved software, real-time project tracking and sales reporting. At this time she was also promoted to Senior Project Manager. Kim is a graduate of Emerson College and she also received her MBA from University of Phoenix. Her background includes restaurant management and ownership and most recently Marketing and Project Management for a major food manufacturer.
Justin, Kim and I will work together on a higher strategic level to ensure GAP Promo continues to grow through providing “Best in Class” customer service. We will continue to be “a leader” with our creative ideas and current products to support the Food and Beverage Markets while ultimately assisting our clients to “Win at Retail”.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A History of Our Building

Watch to see how different the building looks today!

GAP Promo is Located at 1 Washington in Gloucester, MA. A Location with a storied past filled with history and community. It was the first brick building to be built in the city.

It was built in 1810 by James Tappan, a schoolteacher. Tappan operated Tappan's Hotel on the premises, and it served as a major social center for the community. Later owners also operated it as a hotel space, including one who gave it the name "Puritan House"

After that it was taken over as the Blackburn tavern; named after Howard Blackburn – a local icon who despite losing his fingers at sea in 1883, prospered as a businessman. Yearning for adventure, he twice sailed single-handed (quite literally) across the Atlantic Ocean, overcoming his disability and setting record times for the crossing.

Many people still recall fondly their memories at the Blackburn Tavern. We often get visitors who came to the building when they were younger to dance and drink here, or to catch a concert or just to get some good food.

Today the Blackburn Tavern his home to GAP Promo who is making history in its own right. Our founder and president Gayle Piraino founded the company in 2006 bringing along many years of experience with her. GAP Promo is a certified women-owned small business with expertise in the food and beverage industry. February marked our 11th year. In our 11th year let us put our experience to work for you! If you’re looking to buy custom products, visit us at and keep up to date with us as we make history by following us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Blog Spot.