Tuesday, January 30, 2018

La Cucaracha Shot

I was on our annual family vacation to Puerto Rico visiting my Mom’s family for the holidays.  As we sat in a Mexican restaurant, I sipped on my margarita when I heard a sudden bang and a crowd of people yell some gibberish.  I turned to see a group of people downing a shot, and suddenly my margarita seemed a little boring. 

My mom and grandpa cheered them on.  Obviously confused never having seen a shot taken in such a strange manner, I asked my mom what they were doing.  My mom and grandpa explained that it was a “Cucaracha Shot”, which is a traditional Mexican drink.  Instead of mixing it in a usual shaker, the bartender or waiter pours the ingredients into a small shot glass, takes their hand over the top with a towel or small lid, and slams it against a wooden board.

The popularity of this shot has transcended country borders beyond Mexico.  So, in Puerto Rico, the slamming of the shot against a slab of wood to mix its ingredients and a shout of “cucaracha!” is just one rendition.  Another traditional rendition is to pour in the ingredients, mix it, and set it on fire.  Once aflame, you put in a straw and try and drink the shot before the flame burns the alcohol.

There are a few variations of the drink, but the most traditional calls for the following ingredients:

·       1/3 of tequila
·       1/3 of Coca-Cola
·       1/3 of your favorite coffee liqueur

For the Cucaracha shot on fire, your best bet is to include the following:
·       1/3 tequila
·       1/3 of Bacardi 151
·       1/3 of Coca-Cola

Friday, December 8, 2017

“Oh the weather outside is frightful, and the cocktails are so delightful…” By Megan Butera

“Oh the weather outside is frightful, and the cocktails are so delightful…”
New England’s cold and snowy winters always arrive before we know it. The days become shorter, the wind feels colder and the snow and sub-freezing weather is almost always a certainty.  It also means it is that time of year again- the festive holiday season- and, before we realize it, this joyful season will be in full swing. This, to many, means spending more time with family and friends, baking holiday treats, relaxing, and having fun whether it is outside building a snowman on a crisp sunny day or inside curled up by the fireplace. No matter how you decide to spend your winter day, a winter cocktail will keep you feeling festive.
Here are some of our favorite recipes and brands to enjoy…

Spiced Egg Nog

1 oz. Admiral Nelson’s Spiced Rum
4 oz. Egg Nog
Add a dash of cinnamon to garnish

Spiked Chocolate
1 oz. Candy Cane Burnett’s Vodka
4 oz. Hot Chocolate
Add whip cream to garnish

Winter Sea Breeze
1 oz. Ketel One Vodka
1 oz. Grapefruit Juice
2 oz. Soda Water
Add some pomegranate seeds & 3 mint leaves to garnish

A signature cocktail is a must at any holiday get together. These tasty holiday drinks and flavorful brands are sure to warm up your guests. Which holiday drink are you going to try to get into the swing of the season?