Friday, September 30, 2016

The personal Home Bar

The personal, home bar.

If you’re like us at GAP, you enjoy going out and experiencing what Boston and the North Shore have to offer for the bar and nightlife scene. Our neck of the woods has plenty to choose from, such as rustic pubs that have been here from the beginning to new, high end, eclectic establishments.  There are excellent examples all around us, but what about the individual personal styles of our own home bars? The private bar has been a home staple for generations. It’s the perfect setting for your own personal touch. Home bars can reflect the personalities and style of the home owner like no other area of the house. They can be stocked with one favorite beverage or cater a wider array of flavors, we highly recommend Johnnie Walker, Yuengling, Captain Morgan, Miller Lite, Evan Williams, Labatt, Smirnoff, or Guinness. The home bar is a statement of individual taste, a wonderful place to entertain friends and family or simply end the day in private reflection. Themes such as sports, rock and roll, industrial or country are just few ideas that come to mind, but the personal home bar is a great way to explore an expressive sense of yourself and expand the décor and furnishings of your home.

Here are few links we found that have some amazing examples of these hidden treasures. Personalized, customized, simple or grand, It’s always nice to come home and settle up to your own private oasis.

Banner Image provided by the Scotchatorium, private home bar.