Friday, July 31, 2015

Throw Your Best Backyard Summer Bash

Now that you’ve finally recovered from your 4th of July party, you’re probably ready to turn your backyard into a party scene again. But coming up with ideas for entertainment has you stuck. Hosting a 4th of July party is easy; you cover everything in red, white, and blue, grill up some burgers and dogs, and you and your guests get front row seats to your neighbor’s fireworks show. How do you top that?

Games are always fun and prevent everyone from just standing around. There are some awesome backyard games that pair well with fun summer-time drinks. You could try Kan Jam, the new hit Spikeball, or the backyard favorite: cornhole. Are your guests Harry Potter fans? If not, they will be with this DIY backyard Quidditch game.

For decorations: take out the holiday lights early this year! Wrap them around tree trunks or hang them from branches to light up your party. You could even hang a frame from a tree branch for a fun outdoor photo booth. Gather some creative photo props for guests to use. And for chilling the drinks, nothing is better than our very own pub table cooler, seen below with Narragansetts on ice. If you don’t have a cooler (how do you not?), you could use the wheelbarrow that’s already sitting in your yard and just fill it with ice.

We have lots of other ideas to help you make your party great on our Backyard Summer Bash Pinterest board. We hope you have a blast and enjoy!