Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Much to the delight of fans across the nation, the NFL Players Association and owners finally reached a 10-year collective bargaining agreement to end the lockout after an arduous five months of negotiations. With the preseason kicking off in a few short weeks, the agreement has unleashed NFL teams into a frenzied week of football activity: facility reopenings, trade negotiations, contract signings and practices - all in preparation for another chase at the Lombardi Trophy.
While NFL teams attend to their preseason activities, fans are busy making preparations of their own, securing the latest apparel, memorabilia, and gear to back their team all the way to February. In our three-part tailgating series we covered games, grills and coolers to get you to game-time. Here, we’ll cover great GAP fan gear to support your brand and keep the party going all the way to the final whistle.
Football Jersey - our top-of-the-line football jerseys are made of high-quality durasheen and mesh construction with embroidered logos. Customize your jersey with your team colors and endless branding locations. This is the go-to jersey on game day.

Foam Fingers – a classic fan staple, foam fingers are “number 1” when it comes to showing your support. 

Rally Towel – This author may be the only Steelers fan in the office and perhaps even in New England, but, when it comes to fan support, it’s hard to beat the Terrible Towel. Also handy for any spillage that may occur during your endzone dance.

Sunday Hoody – Football means fall, and fall means cool weather. Assuming your team gets through to the playoffs, you’re going to need some extra layers. That means you, tough guy.

Not a season ticket holder? Check back next week to discover great new products and recipes to make watching the game in your “man cave” better than sitting front row at Gillette!
Please cheer responsibly.

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