Tuesday, January 31, 2012


We’ve experienced the eerie feeling of 60-degree weather in December, and the presence of green grass, even after the first of the year. We’ve had a couple of bursts of snow but, I think we can all agree it doesn’t really look like winter around here - yet.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac (n.d.), predicted that, this winter, the Boston area would be drier than normal, “with near-normal temperatures but above-normal snowfall” (para 1). The coldest periods were predicted to be in mid-December and early and mid-February. Mid-December wasn’t half bad, in my opinion, and we can handle a couple of cold weeks in what is already the shortest month of the year anyway. Right?

The snowiest periods were predicted to be in mid-December, mid- and late January, and late February. Knowing this, we can’t help but lose a little faith in these predictions and and/or get really concerned about February.

For some, winter is a joyous time filled with skiing, snowboarding, and even ice fishing (I just don’t get the attraction of this one). For others, winter is all about escaping the outdoors entirely, under a blanket, on the couch with a good book (more likely a Kindle or an iPad but book sounded better) and a beverage of some sort. Brown spirits appear to be making a big comeback this year, so whether you spent the day on the slopes or under an afghan, you might enjoy a lovely Hennessy cognac or a smooth Crown Royal.

Regardless of the winter activity, GAP has targeted ideas to help promote your brand in the most extreme (or not so) extreme winter climates.

This completely custom Captain Morgan and Smirnoff snowboard looks great mounted on the wall or used to carve up the slopes.

This custom designed Smirnoff winter scarf makes for a great prize or giveaway at any bar or slope side event.

This custom Yuengling die-cut metal fireplace can be used all year long, but will heat up any outdoor winter event. It also works great as a dealer loader.  

Here are a few more of GAP’s favorite winter warmers to hold you over until barbeque season.   

The Gin Toddy 
1 1/4 oz Tanqueray London Dry Gin
3/4 oz lemon juice
2 oz boiling water
1 tsp sugar
cinnamon stick for garnish 
Build the ingredients into a wine goblet.
Stir well.
Garnish with a cinnamon stick. 

Baileys Irish Coffee 
1 part Bailey's® Irish cream
1 partblack coffee 
Mix the hot coffee with Bailey's. Enjoy!

After Dinner Mint 
1/2 oz white creme de menthe
3/4 oz Southern Comfort® peach liqueur
1/2 oz Stolichnaya® vodka
Fill with hot chocolate 
Shake vigorously and serve.

Please enjoy winter responsibly.

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