Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Beers of Summer

Summer is here! After a long, messy winter and rainy spring, the heat is long overdue and completely welcome. It’s finally time to enjoy the outdoors and unwind with a refreshing summer brew from your favorite brewing company. Or perhaps you’d like to try something new this season. If you’re feeling adventurous, pack your cooler with one (or more) of these delicious summer beers:

Blue Moon Agave Nectar Ale – This beer, naturally sweetened with agave nectar and balanced with white wheat, is sure to become a favorite on hot summer nights.

Old Dominion Beach House Golden Pilsner – As the name suggests, this crisp brew, made with natural ingredients, is perfect for any beach outing.

Wachusett Summer Ale – Available from April until September, this super refreshing wheat ale with a hint of lemon is perfect for any outdoor event – and, since it’s in stores for longer than traditional summer seasonals, you’ll have plenty of chances to enjoy it!

Rogue American Amber Ale – A true patriot’s beer, this amber ale is a fantastic choice when celebrating our great nation on the Fourth.

Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy – A trailblazer in the recent Shandy craze, this beer infused with lemonade is the perfect companion for a day on the golf course.

And if you want to go with a trusted favorite, Red Stripe and Yuengling Light Lager are crowd-pleasers at any backyard barbecue.

All great beers need to be effectively merchandised in order to get the attention they deserve in the field. GAP Promotions has the perfect solutions to grab consumer attention and place your products ahead of the competition this summer (or any time of year).

The GAP Universal Merch Rack is incredibly versatile, allowing for easy customization. The rack itself holds bottles of various sizes, including standard six-packs and 22 oz. bottles, making it perfect for merchandising craft beer. If you want to accommodate more bottles on your rack, we offer the option of adding a fifth shelf or two side shelves. For more information, click here.

Here are some other display options that are set to hit the market this fall:

For more information on any of these merchandising solutions, or if you’d like to collaborate with GAP to create your own rack, contact Drew Murray at drew.murray or 888.884.6427.