Monday, September 13, 2010

Total Marketplace Domination

Our client, one of the largest Smirnoff markets in Florida, wanted to show retailers that the Smirnoff brand is indeed, “The World’s #1 Selling Vodka”.

Smirnoff was going thru a VIP packaging change, a major update, and wanted to create a display to emulate this exciting new change.

Their sights were set on a sleek looking, edgy and totally current display piece; something with the modern, clean line feel of an Apple store.  The client worked one-on-one with our graphics designers until the final rendition was nailed.  A mini-model of the display was created for our clients to introduce the concept. Fifty units were ordered as a test for this market.

In a unique selling approach, our client sold the displays to their independent accounts, and the word of this eye-catching display spread throughout the area. GAP team members were invited to join a two-day tour to assist in the set up of several displays, and see the displays come to life in the market. Store owners shared their enthusiasm for being among the first to set-up the display. The GAP team walked away with a wealth of knowledge that will be applied to the next generation of Smirnoff displays due out in the field mid-October.

The displays weren’t to be missed! Standing 90 inches tall the slick, silver display boasted the name of each store owner on the LED sign. With the Smirnoff display dominating the store space in all its modern, sleek coolness, the sales impact was immediate.

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