Thursday, May 26, 2011


What comes to mind when you hear the word “baseball”?  Maybe that it’s America’s favorite pastime, the phrase “Play Ball,” or quite possibly you begin reminiscing about your own glory days as the All-Star Pitcher in Junior High. For many of you, the first thought may very well be ‘BEER’!  Whether cheering for the Red Sox in New England, the Giants of San Francisco, or your 5-year old T-ball player, we all look forward to the warm weather and the gathering of family and friends that the baseball season brings. And, of course, our clients’ refreshing beverages help make those experiences complete.
It’s safe to say that the GAP team has its fair share of sports fans – some might even call them ‘fanatics.’  We believe that this love of the game shines through in our many sports-themed items. So, while we look forward to spending some serious time at the ballpark, the baseball season also provides us with opportunities to showcase our items that truly reflect America’s love of baseball.
Our client’s also show deep support for the game. For example, MillerCoors has a long-standing relationship with Major League Baseball. The most commonly known sponsorships include the Milwaukee Brewers’ “Miller Park” and the Colorado Rockies’ “Coors Field”. This season, GAP teamed up with MillerCoors once again to have our very own Coors Light pub tables stationed in the Angels stadium this season! 
This year, GAP is also showcasing its custom baseball-shaped Adirondack chair and custom baseball giveaways.  The baseball kit we created for Yuengling includes baseball essentials, which can bring the life to any party! From large mass displays featuring home plate to the branded banners hanging from high, GAP Promotions represents the very best of the summer baseball season. 
We wish you all the best this baseball season. Go Team!

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