Wednesday, August 10, 2011


As we noted in our last segment, the players are back in camp, preseason is underway, and it’s almost time for another football season!
Both the College and Professional seasons are poised to begin, and fans across the country are getting ready for some serious football. Last blog, we spoke about tailgating; and nothing beats pulling an ice cold Yuengling Lager out of the cooler,  gaming with your friends, and chowing down on some grub from your favorite parking lot chef or grilling your own. The in-game component can’t be beat; today’s modern-day stadiums have great sight lines, fabulous amenities, and when the home team scores, it’s an awesome feeling cheering along with 70,000 of your closest friends.
But hey, let’s be honest, going to the game isn’t for everyone. For those who don’t like traffic, crowds, frigid temperatures, or paying $12.50 for a dog and a beer, watching at home with friends can be a very appealing option. There have been tremendous advancements in both how the games are broadcast and in-home entertainment equipment. For example, in many homes, mine for one, HD is a must. The worldwide leader in sports, ESPN has created the first-ever sports channel with 3D broadcasts. Several NFL games throughout the year, as well as last year’s BCS National Championship game, were viewed with those fancy 3D goggles.
Here at GAP, we have a couple suggestions that could make your home viewing experience even more enjoyable.
Once you have the fancy TV down, you’ll need a place to sit. Check out this recliner. Not only does it sit two people, it has two cup holders, and an ice bin for 12 frosty beverages. We’ll even match the leather to the color of your favorite team and add an embroidered logo to the head rest.

Don’t like recliners but want more cooler space in the living room to keep your favorite beverages cold while putting your feet up? We have something for you as well. Check out this sweet chair and ottoman combo. 

Now that you’re prepared to sit and watch the game, you’re going to need something to eat. You will not be disappointed with this recipe for Buffalo Chicken Cheese Dip. See below:
16 ounce cream cheese
6 ounce hot sauce
Soften and combine cream cheese with hot sauce in a saucepan.

2 boneless chicken breasts
Salt and pepper chicken breasts and grill until done. Let cool, then chop/shred to desired chunks.

Stir in:
1 cup chopped celery
Chopped/shredded chicken breasts
1 cup blue cheese dressing
Place a little shredded cheddar on top and bake for 25 minutes at 350°F. Serve warm with pita chips. For an extra boost, serve in a sourdough bread bowl, and use the inside of the bowl to use in the dip!
Adapted from

For those looking for a great game day cocktail, try this:
1-Part Jeremiah Weed Sweet Tea flavored vodka
2-Parts Lemonade
Serve over ice
And for those who can’t wait for a commercial to mix their own beverage, try the Jeremiah Weed Roadhouse Tea.
As always, cheer (and drink) responsibly. 

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