Friday, September 16, 2011


Breaking news across the state and celebrations abound! D.G. Yuengling & Son, Inc., America’s Oldest Brewery, recently announced that the company will begin to distribute Yuengling beer in Ohio starting in October of this year. Ohioans will no longer have to make the trek across state lines to purchase their favorite brew. Ohio will become the 14th state to distribute Yuengling beer and, not since Coors made its way east of the Mississippi in the early 80s, has there been such excitement in the U.S. beer market.

Yuengling Lager, Light Lager, and Black & Tan will be distributed from the company’s expanded Mill Creek brewery in Pottsville, PA. Yuengling will begin distribution in the Akron, Cleveland, Columbus, and Youngstown areas beginning October 3rd. The remainder of the state will receive the beer in November. Given the popularity of the brand, it is expected that cases will fly off the shelves. So, heads up, Ohio shoppers!

As more and more of what are perceived to be ‘American beers,’ have been purchased by foreign-owned companies, Yuengling remains a true American brand and continues to be family-owned and operated. The family business began in 1829 when German immigrant David G. Yuengling opened Eagle Brewery in Pottsville. The name officially changed to D. G. Yuengling and Son in 1873. The brewery has remained in the family ever since, and, in 1985, Richard “Dick” Yuengling, the current owner, purchased the brewery from his father. The GAP team will be co-hosting the Yuengling booth at the National Beer Wholesalers Association in Vegas in October. We hope to see many of you there. And, while we are very happy for Ohio and wish Yuengling much success in this new market, here at GAP, we can’t help but ask ‘When are you coming to Massachusetts?

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