Thursday, January 2, 2014

Casinos in Massachusetts: Where will the chips fall?

In November 2011, legislation was passed allowing the building of casinos in Massachusetts.  There are three licenses available in three regions of the state. Three major players, Mohegan Sun, WynnResorts, and MGM Resorts International remain in the running for these opportunities.  The three operators submitted their applications by year-end and quite frankly, we’re glad we aren’t responsible for reviewing them.  MGM’s application contained more than 7,000 pages while Mohegan’s consisted of 16,034 pages, and Wynn’s more than 18,000 pages!

There has been much controversy over casinos coming to Massachusetts. And, throughout the year, the casinos have been working hard to influence public opinion. They have been conducting meetings to share information with community members about the positive impacts that the casinos can have on the areas in which they are located.

One such benefit is improvements to already-congested roads and highways, which would be redesigned to accommodate the additional traffic.  Additionally, casinos offer many other entertainment opportunities such as concerts, shows, and other nightlife. Proponents also argue that many jobs will be created and local economies strengthened as new opportunities arise for businesses to support the casino and the community.

Whether you’re a resident of a community with a proposed casino site, a vendor looking to cash in on casino-related opportunities, or just looking forward to new entertainment options in Massachusetts, these are exciting times and it’s still unclear as to where the chips will fall.

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