Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Your Gift Guide for Father's Day

I’m sure your dad really does like that tie you got him a few years ago, and he probably has used the power drill you got him a couple of times over the years. Why not switch things up this year and get your dad something rad? Coming up with gift ideas is the hard part, so we’ll take care of that. You and your dad can relax and enjoy celebrating Father’s Day.

If your dad is a master chef:
Maybe he would like a smoker, crock-pot, or a mini indoor grill? Or maybe his grilling tools need an upgrade. You can make it a personalized gift with a fun tag like this one!

If your dad wishes Steve Jobs was his BFF:
Is your dad super into technology? On our Father’s Day Pinterest board, you’ll find some new gifts for the tech-savvy - everything from a custom phone case to a HD recording Drone.

If your dad loves music:
Check out SONOS. It’s an awesome speaker system that your dad can control right from his phone. Get him one for Father’s Day, and next holiday, you can get him another and soon he’ll have them all over the house. Is his favorite band on tour this summer? Get him a couple of tickets to a show, a gift that both of you can enjoy together!

If your dad is a bookworm:
Already planning on getting him some new books? Make him some custom bookmarks like these to make the gift more special. Does your dad like books but not like reading them? Gift him a subscription to Audible, and he can listen to audiobooks right from his phone.

If your dad loves his backyard:
You could buy your dad a fire pit OR you could build one WITH your dad. If you want a simpler outdoor project to undertake on Father’s Day, there are more ideas on our Pinterest board.

“I’m getting him beer”
Great idea! To make that gift even better: get him tickets to a beer festival or go on a brewery tour together.

Happy Father’s Day!

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