Tuesday, December 21, 2010


December 6th, 2010 GAP Promotions team members, accompanied by Patriot Faithful, Pat Noone of Yuengling saw the Patriots beat the Jets. What a wonderful way to begin the week! Pat (2007 Patriot Fan of the Year) is long-time Yuengling executive and dear friend of GAP Promotions. It was truly an honor to have him visit GAP offices in Gloucester and share his stories and insights into the beer industry. Attending the Pats game with him and members of his family was an unforgettable experience.

GAP members Gayle, Hillary, Parker, Casey, Brian, and Rob bundled up and headed down to Gillette with Pat where we spent some time pre-game with friends and enjoyed some Yuengling before the action began. The Patriots exploded onto the field jumping out to a huge lead and never looked back, beating the Jets 45-3 to take the division lead. It was a wonderful event and we would like to thank everyone we spent time with and a very special thanks to Pat Noone for an amazing time.

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