Friday, January 14, 2011


For most people, the beginning of January means cleaning up the holiday decorations and making New Year’s resolutions. For GAP Promotions, a new year entails a new Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Recently the GAP team joined over 140,000 tech enthusiasts at the Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas to get a sneak peak at the latest technology and gadgets 2011 has to offer. Technology and electronic specialists from all over the globe come together at CES to showcase their newest and coolest creations.

From tech powerhouses like Sony and Verizon to the smaller tech companies like Gelaskins, their innovative advances truly change the way we see our gadgets. The show provides a level playing field for gadgets, tech, and accessories. For sure the big booths with flashy themes are eye-catching, but for the seeker of the 2011 “wow” ideas (like GAP), it is the discovery of break-through products that shine.

Honorable mentions and GAP team favorites include the new “glasses free” 3D television from Sony. Details are still held in secret behind the black curtain as the product is still in Beta testing stages. Currently there are only 2 prototypes and CES was fortunate enough to house both for this new technologies debut. Motorola also had a strong showing this year, introducing state of the art laptops, tablets, and their first LTE 4G Smartphone; an exciting showing for Motorola.

CES 2011 definitely did not fail to impress. This invaluable look into the future of technology gives GAP a head start on the competition as we incorporate the latest innovations into our displays and fixtures currently in development. It’s a great way to kick off another successful year. And there is no telling what contraption, gadget, or robot will steal the spotlight next year.

Below are a few of the many photos taken at CES.

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