Friday, June 6, 2014

Get to Know GAP: What's on Netflix?

At GAP Promotions, we pride ourselves on having a fun and creative work environment and an amazing team. We want to share a little of that with you. Starting today, we have a new feature called "Get to Know GAP" where we will be giving you an inside look at the interests and lives of the members of the GAP team. To kick things off, we started simple and asked a few members of the team what they are currently watching on Netflix. Some of their answers may surprise you!

Erin Murray – Associate Account Executive

Scandal – "It's super addicting and I am obsessed with Olivia Pope and her clothes."

Friday Night Lights – "I didn't watch it when it was on TV, so I binge watched it recently and loved every second of it."

Andrew Buonfiglio – Senior Graphic Designer

Star Trek: The Next Generation – "I want to be Patrick Stewart when I grow up."

Sherlock – "The BBC show, not the movie with Robert Downey, Jr. Not that I have anything against RDJ, but this show is better than the movie."

Allison Muccini – Associate Account Executive

Twin Peaks – "Suggested by a friend and I love murder mysteries. Takes place in the 70s. Corny, but intriguing."

Orange is the New Black – "I heard great things about the writer, Jenji Kohan. It's unique and unlike any other shows I've watched. I'm excited for Season 2!"

Pat Vaughn – Senior Graphic Designer

LOST – "I'm not currently watching it, but I will always recommend this show to anyone and everyone. Be warned: you will be sucked into a black hole of binge watching after you watch just the first four episodes. Best show ever."

Buffy the Vampire Slayer – "My girlfriend loves this show and I never thought I'd like it, but it started getting pretty enjoyable around Season 3. If you're thinking about watching it, just stick with it. It gets a lot better."

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