Wednesday, October 28, 2015

10 Pun Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is this weekend! Are you in desperate need of a costume? No need to worry! Here are 10 “punny” and creative costume ideas that will not disappoint this year!
  1. ZomBee: Remember that bee you swatted earlier this summer? Well now it has come back to life to haunt all of your friends this fall.
  2.  Dandy Lion: The pretty weed everyone pulls from their lawn walks into the party with a roar.
  3. Copy Cat: It’s not embarrassing when you show up wearing the same outfit as your friend... as long as you have some cat ears and whiskers, too.
  4.  French Kiss: Rock and roll, with a baguette and beret on the side, please.
  5.  Holy Cow: The holiest cow on the farm blesses the party with its presence.
  6. Deviled Egg: Who knew breakfast could be so evil?
  7.  Candy Rapper: Step 1: Trick-or-treat. Step 2. Eat all the candy. Step 3: Glue the wrappers on your outfit. Step 4: Grab your friends Kanye and Jay Z and you’re ready to go.
  8. Miss Universe: First stop: outer space. Last stop: Halloween party. But don’t forget your crown and sash.
  9.  Black Eyed Peas: Easy Peasy. A black eye and the letter P is all you’ll need. **Please use makeup rather than having someone punch you.
  10.  Taco Bell: Everyone is speechless when the princess walks into the party with a beautiful yellow gown… covered in tacos.  

For more Halloween costume ideas, check out our costume Pinterestboard! Are you the one throwing the party this year? We also have another Halloween board filled with themed decorations, food, and drinks! Enjoy a safe and happy Halloween!

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