Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Best Way to Layer up This Season: Beer

It’s getting cold out there, which means it’s time to start layering. We’re not just talking warmer clothes; it’s also a great time to start layering your beer!

Everyone knows about Black & Tans (half Guinness/half Bass Ale), but below are some layered beer recipes that you may not have tried yet. Enjoy!
Brown and Bitter - Newcastle Brown Ale on top of Bass Ale
Czech Mate - English Stout on top of Czechoslovakian Pilsner
Golden Brown - Newcastle Brown Ale on top of Molson Golden
Green Goblin - Heineken on top of Hobgoblin
Heaven & Hell - Dogfish Head World Wide Stout on top of Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA
Moon Beam - Beamish Stout on top of Blue Moon
Belgian Brunette - Guinness on top of Stella Artois
Black and Blue - Guinness on top of blueberry ale
Black and Brown - Guinness on top of Newcastle Brown Ale
Black and Cherry - Guinness on top of Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat
Black Magic - Guinness on top of Magic Hat #9
Black Tire - Guinness on top of New Belgium Fat Tire
Priest Collar - Guinness on top of cider
Vermont Tan - Guinness on top of Long Trail Pale Ale
October Night (a.k.a. October Tan) - Guinness on top of Oktoberfest lager

Blacksmith (a.k.a. Pint of Special) – Guinness on top of Smithwick’s Irish Ale

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